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NET 1 is a great partner for our credit card processing thru our ERP system the process is seamless and efficient and the vault is a great feature for those customers who want you to process their cards monthly without us having to call them each time. We rarely have an issue but when we do it is handled professionally and quickly. I would highly recommend anyone not utilizing this tool begin immediately you will be extremely satisfied.

Tina Wiggins
Accounting | Operations Coordinator/HR
Kelly Office Solutions

At Moulton Lumber Company, we've been with Net1 for the past seven plus years and our experience with them has always been very professional and helpful with quick resolutions and answers to any issue that may arise.

Shawn Hayes
Office Manager
Moulton Lumber Co.

NET1 saved us at least 35% a month on bank fees and credit card fees compared to what we had been paying. We didn’t need to batch out ourselves any more—it was all automatic with NET1—and taking care of our month-end reconciliations became so much easier...

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Leigh Ann Whitticar
Boland's Ace Hardware

NET1 is AWESOME! It has definitely saved valuable time, both for the person entering the payments, and for myself when I complete the bank statements. It’s one amount posted on one day and is very easy to reconcile. Also it shows the payment immediately on a customer’s account which assists with taking them off hold. Highly recommended.

Terry Salcedo
Keystone Digital

First, we are saving a ton of money on fees and charges (compared to TransFirst). Secondly, I am definitely saving time with the processing-it's probably taking me about a half hour less time processing with Net1/e-automate.

Pam Lester
Elite Imaging

I do 25 to 30 credit card transactions daily.

I would spend at least an hour using a credit card terminal to charge credit cards to apply to these invoices. Since Net 1 and the integration with Maytech (ECI2) I do not have to enter credit card or other information for each transaction. I can have the same amount of work done in less than five minutes.

Tamara, Accounts Receivable
American Osment

We are up and going and cannot believe the speed at which approvals come through. Glad I made the call to you or rather that POS-partner gave me problems.

Theo Cleland
Thumb Office Supply

The few instances we've had to call customer service, it has been a good experience. Integration is very easy and flexible in the ways you can interface them.

Ginger Harding

Brian, You and Karen are the best! Thank you for being so motivated to try to help!

Greg Cronin
At Work Office Products

"I have worked with a number of banks and processors and I realize that your company is easily the best to have as a partner. Our charges and fees are right where we expected and when we have a question or situation it is quickly resolved to our satisfaction. Many thanks.

Shane Roach
Mister Paper

I have to say it is much better than POS partner. I know we will enjoy using you guys services.

Eric Pettus
Pettus Office Products

Brian always makes himself available to me and our mutual customers at any given time. Brian will go above and beyond for me and our mutual customers.

Mimi Kintli
Fort Worth, TX

I really like Approval Link 4.0 (NET1/DDMS integrated credit card module) a lot better than POS PARTNER. If there are a lot of people disappointed with POS, they will see a major change the first time they use it. Wish we had this back in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s.

David Lange
La Porte, Texas

With Approval Link 4.0, things seem really streamlined.

Christina Wiersum
SOS Office Supply
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hooray for Net1 and Approval Link 4.0! Since switching to Net1 and Approval Link 4.0, our credit card transaction processing has become more efficient.

Donna Duffey
Ponder's, Inc.
Thomasville, Georgia

Life just became a bit simpler with Approval Link 4.0 and NET1. It is well on its way to paying for itself in the fees saved and time spent doing credit card transactions "the old fashion way" - manually.

Becky Delp
SeaGate Office Products
Hollond, Ohio

Since switching from POS Partner to Approval Link 4.0 all of our problems have gone away.

Carole Heitzenrater
Vision Business Products
Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Brian Morabito definitely has delivered on what he said he could do for us.

Bill Pahnelas
The Supply Room
Ashland, Virginia

We use Approval Link 4.0 and it has been working great. It has put an end to some of the issues we use to have with POS Partner. It only took about 15 minutes to convert with DDMS's help.

Steven Woodall
Reliant Business Products, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Approval Link 4.0 has resolved a couple of issues we had with POS Partner and approvals seem much faster.

Dave Parsons
Frohwein Office Plus
Coralville, Iowa

Wonderful! We have been using the virtual terminal this week and so far we love it!

Connie Campbell
Advanced Office Systems
Gainesville, Georgia

Everything has been working great with the NET1 integrated credit card module.

Jim Kerwin
IMPAC Computer Supplies
Jersey City, New Jersey

We continue to be pleased with the results our dealers are receiving through the NET1 credit card services. No other credit card processing provider understands the independent office products dealer better. The results are easier and better processing, while saving money! All TriMega members not currently using NET1 are urged to kick the tires now!

Grady Taylor, Executive Vice President
TriMega Purchasing Association
Des Plaines, Illinois

We are using the credit card module and it is working well. Brian is very responsive to our calls, and that the rates were better than the credit card processing company we had been using.

Barbara Donnelly
Suncoast Forms
Sarasota, Florida
Top Form

I have been very impressed by your support team, they are second to none and the quality of the answers provided has been exceptional. There are a lot of companies out there that could learn some things from your support department!

Josh Craig
Charlotte Copy Data
Charlotte, North Carolina

We have had Net1 since April 2004; it has been a good service with no problems. It saves me so much time with the automated services every month and also saves our practice money.

Sue Badri
Berman and Lee Orthodontics
Falls Church, Virginia

We definitely see a significant decrease in our bank charges.

Taquiero Poblano
Alexandria, Virginia

We spoke briefly at the Trimega show and was telling you about how great NET1 is to use, especially with Britannia. So now not only are we saving money on credit card processing, but we do not have to deal with a credit card machine. We also have more customers paying with credit cards because they know their card infromation is safe and they get an email as soon as we charge their card.

Thomas J. Kraebel, Vice President
Universal Business Equipment Corp
Bridgeport, CT