Retail - NET1 can help your business establish a merchant account and accept credit cards for less money than you thought possible. Whether you are a small dental office or a large retail operation, we have the right payment processing solutions tailored specifically for your business.

Mail/Telephone Order –NET1 will provide you with the appropriate solution to accept your mail/phone orders based on your business' individual needs. Your choices include software that you install on any PC; a Virtual Terminal that allows you to process credit cards via any computer with an Internet connection, or manually enter credit card transactions through a standard credit card terminal.

Restaurant – Whether you operate a family-style diner, a fine dining establishment, a fast, casual restaurant, or a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), we offer a wide variety of processing solutions and terminal equipment as well as PC-based integrated software.

Internet - Processing credit cards over the Internet is one of the fastest growing transactions in our market today. We understand this segment and have designed the best eCommerce solutions available to help your business succeed in the ever changing world of eCommerce.